ORCA Mission

ORCA Mission Statement

The purpose and objectives for which this association is formed are as follows:

  • To unite those engaged in the roofing industry in Oklahoma for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the industry.
  • To bring dignity and respect to the roofing industry in Oklahoma.
  • To build consumer confidence and safeguard the public welfare through the adherence to the association’s “Code of Ethics”.
  • To obtain and make available to its members pertinent information relative to the industry for each member’s beneficial use.
  • To make, enter into, carry out, and enforce any contract, agreement, or transaction which the Board of Directors believes to be in the best interest and for the benefit of its members, and to perform and/or engage in such other things that will promote and safeguard the interests of the roofing industry in the state of Oklahoma.
  • To foster constructive and progressive legislation, especially as it may affect roofing contractors, suppliers, related trades and other services involved in the roofing industry in the state of Oklahoma.
  • To promote confidence, respect and good fellowship among all who are directly or indirectly engaged in the Oklahoma roofing industry.