About Us

About the Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association

The Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association is a non-profit organization created to promote, train, and educate both our members and consumers on best practices for the roofing industry in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma roofing contractors, both large and small, have acknowledged the importance of sustaining professional business standards and upholding the highest quality workmanship and protection for our clients. Our member companies have worked hard to guarantee that quality roofing systems are installed and their clients who support their business are treated fairly. Together, we continue to promote professionalism, benevolence and self-preservation within our State's roofing industry.

The Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association goal is to help homeowners and commercial building owners and managers make informed decisions about replacing and maintaining their roof systems. In the consumer information area of the website, you will find helpful information and services to assist with these decisions.

ORCA is not a consumer agency and is not equipped to handle disputes between consumers and contractors. Please review the content in this site for general information about how to select a professional roofing contractor.

If you have a dispute with a member of the Oklahoma Roofing Association, please see the CIB Information section with the details.